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901 views Aug 21, 2020
Gin Rum And Truth Collaborates With "Metal Barbie" Trish Reyes On Their Latest Fire Single

Get your ears ready as local grunge band Gin Rum and Truth releases their hit single ‘I Got The Flu’ on Spotify and all digital streaming platforms this Friday, August 28, 2020!

What’s there to be excited about? Well aside from being the Top 5 track a few years back on Jam 88.3’s year-end countdown, ‘I Got The Flu’ is also a collaboration with one of the queens of the metal scene today; and it is none other than the ‘Metal Barbie’, Trish Reyes!

Formerly known as the frontwoman of metal-electronica band EVEN, Trish is now the main vocals of experimental rock band ÆSTERIA (Aesteria) and hits the screams at metal band Oremuz. In ‘I Got The Flu’, fans will get to hear Trish’s different side as she abandons her usual growls and switches it to a more chill and passionate approach on the mic.

According to Gin Rum and Truth, the track ‘I Got The Flu’ delivers a message about wanting something we can’t have, and how that desire leaves us craving for more—and it really isn’t a lie. Composed by their drummer Inigo Mortel, they captured this kind of yearning and turned it into a hard-hitting, rock-and-roll and grunge hybrid track which will absolutely make you move to the tune.

Also, better watch out for its official music video and performance videos soon! It may be sooner than you think.

For up-to-date notifications for ‘I Got The Flu’, visit Gin Rum and Truth’s official pages:

Spotify: https://tinyurl.com/GRTspotify

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ginrumandtruth

YouTube: www.youtube.com/ginrumandtruth

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ginrumandtruth

Twitter: www.twitter.com/ginrumandtruth