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Jan 14, 2021
Gracenote’s Frontwoman Escapes from the Other World Creatures

Eunice Jorge, band’s vocals, got chased by the aliens in their new released cinematic MV, titled Paulit-ulit.


This track was the 3rd single from their latest album, Small World, under Universal Records, which can be streamed through Spotify and all other digital streaming platform.


Directed by Darwin Hernandez, the music video revolves around Eunice, band’s vocals, who was being chased by the aliens in the forest. While trying to escape, frightened, an unknown celestial came to rescue her and fought for her against fellow aliens.

Drowning in confusion, Eunice tries to go back where the incident happened, hoping to see her alien-savior again, and answer all the questions that lingers on her head after that night.

Gracenote was composed of Eunice Jorge (Vocals and Keyboard), Jazz Jorge (Bass), Tatsi Jamnague (Guitars), and EJ Pichay (Drums).