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935 views Mar 06, 2018
Kai Acoustic Version by Maryzark launched!

Most definitely, Kai by Maryzark is a song that music fans from the mid-2000 knows. The song's honesty together with the well written lyrics will definitely send anyone listening to it on a 'feels' trip and an emotional rollercoaster. "Kai" was released (if I'm not mistaken) around 2006; an era when teenagers wore skinny jeans, slip-on shoes, dark colored clothes while rocking that one-side 'emo' hair. Maryzark's Kai is definitely part of the soundtrack of the youthful years of the peeps who are now working on their 9 to 5 jobs.

Nostalgia will definitely hit those people when they hear this acoustic rendition of Kai. The sadness that the lyrics bring is complemented by the accompaniment of acoustic instruments. You'll feel the sadness more with this version, I assure you.


You can check out Kai (Acoustic) by Maryzark below!



Kai (Acoustic) is also available for streaming at Spotify. Click HERE and enjoy the emotional-rollercoaster ride c/o Maryzark!