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There is definitely no stopping - nor slowing-down - the consistent run of one of the Philippines’ most successful top live-draws, FRANCO. If the past year was highlighted with successful single releases, countless of packed concert venues and attendance-breaking live festival appearances all over the country, 2018 – this early-on – is about to witness yet another tour de force from the critically acclaimed group, whose knack for modern rock anthems and an unparalleled live performance ethic have already solidified their spot into the annals of OPM history.

            First and foremost, the band’s latest full-length release Flight, is an impressive onslaught of powerhouse songwriting and musical dynamism; filled-to-the-brim with 10 surefire hits (including the previously released singles “Best I Ever,” “Mondaze” and “Breaking For The Weekend…”), the disc – released under Warner Music Singapore for international territories – is easily one of the strongest and most exciting releases to start the year right.

            Fueled by the carrier track “All Nighter,” which boasts of diversified songwriting and musical direction flavored with jangly guitar riffs from both chief lyricist/songwriter/guitarist Franco Reyes and guitarist Paul “Pauldo” Cañada, an almost dance-able drum-beat from skinsman Victor Guison and a solid, modern-rock thumping and low-end from bassist Dave Delfin, loyal aficionados and pundits are definitely going to marvel at the musical maturity and sense of experimentation, as the song is surely another ace-up-the-sleeve kind of single even the most serious music fans would have never been able to foresee… in short, Franco (the band) is still out to prove that great music is never predictable nor formulaic, as almost all of the timeless greats that came before them have proven.


            “It was a very refreshing feeling,” claims Reyes, when asked about the creative process behind Flight, the band’s first official collaborative effort. “We’re very satisified with the results, and a good sign that we can work together effectively, for this and for more songs in the future.”

            Of course, there’s still a lot of the vintage FRANCO sound and spirit available all throughout Flight: from the dark n’ sexy vibe of album opener “Afterburn,” the vocally soaring and ultra-catchy urgency of “Last Word” (possibly another live, sing-along crowd favorite…), infectious rock-reggae hybrids “Lost In Your Universe” and “Aurora Sunrise” and a modern-rock flavored and ultra-moody gem “Goodbye, Goodnight” closing the album, fans and even not-so-longtime listeners would be wise to hear it for themselves as it is now available through Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

            Coinciding with the release of Flight is the exciting news that FRANCO is still effortlessly riding the top of the waves of the current musical landscape: as if the band’s intensely busy nationwide touring schedule and appearances was not enough proof, the band will also be embarking on even more out-of-the-country appearances and dates all throughout the year. Loyal fans and even new-comer listeners can expect simply a stronger, more-focused and –if possible – an even more sonically adventurous outfit that’s bound for bigger leaps and larger-goals-achieved this year, as FRANCO remains hungrier, busier and determined and aggressive as ever in spreading the modern rock gospel...

In a nutshell, FRANCO is a hundred and ten percent ready to take-on worldwide shores and horizons; and the only question that remains is if the rest of the world is strapped-in tight and prepared to be taken on a wild, musical ride of this magnitude. FIN


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