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Jun 29, 2021
Hold your fear to Se7en Garcia’s first released Metal Anime feels titled “Misery Circus” feat, Valeria Sierra

Seven Garcia, son of the late rock icon Jamir Garcia, is now building his own name on the local scene as he releases his first song, back in the year 2020, on April 10th, Seven and Jamir Garcia collaborate on a song called "Bagong Umaga." Seven enjoys posting covers and demo’s on social media, but he is now working on his debut solo song, entitled "Misery Circus." featuring Valeria Sierra, It released on June 27, 2021,  

He inspires by the work of his father that gives Seven Garcia an idea to create a fantastic tune for his music, with Valeria Sierra providing amazing vocal performance. His music sounds like an Anime OST, and you can envision the fatal catastrophe that may occur in the movie in the back of your mind, Se7en, on the other hand, is continuing on his father's legacy.

“Misery Circus” is available on Youtube also you can download it from Soundcloud.