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2,230 views Jan 17, 2020
Official Lyric Video of "Halik" By Gloc-9 Ft. Flow G

Written By John Francis Sevilla




This Friday, Filipino iconic rapper Gloc-9 just dropped the official lyric video of Halik featuring rapper artist Flow G.



Gloc-9 said that they writing a new song together with Flow G in the post on Instagram last December.



This is the first collaboration of two artists.



Gloc-9 is one of the most successful hip-hop artists from the Philippines. He has collaborated with other OPM artists and won awards in every album He released while Flow G is a member of the Filipino Hip- hop group called Ex- Batallion who was known in their single "Hayaan Mo Sila".





Here is Official Lyric Video of "Halik" by Gloc-9 Ft. Flow G. Check this out