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867 views Dec 14, 2019
Ibarra Releases "Exit Wound"

Ibarra begins a string of releases after 7 years of silence. Exit Wound is the first of many this 2019-2020. The arrangement and musical approach is a tip hat to long forgotten heroes of the band. Paying tribute to the post metal era, Ibarra reminisces bands such as Funeral for a Friend, Boysetsfire and Circa Survive. While the band has veered away from emo and screamo particularly, they still acknowledge it's influence on their sound and embrace the elements that they've come to love from it.

Band Bio:

Ibarra (2010 - Present)

Ibarra is the reincarnation of 2006 Muziklaban winners Hardboiledeggz. After leaving Viva Records, the members decided to take a new direction and later change the name to Ibarra, a tip hat to Jose Rizal’s rogue character from El Felibusterismo.

Experimenting with heavy rock and some elements of metal, Ibarra comes off grungy and heavy. Still true to their roots, some hints of Country, Blues, Alternative Rock, Prog Metal and even Nu Metal can be heard in their music. They released their first debut album Death + Rebirth in December of 2012.

After almost 7 years, they will be releasing new material in 2019.

Death and Rebirth CDs are available to order thru their facebook page and digitally thru Spotify, CD Baby and Itunes.