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St. Wolf You`ll Be Safe Here

St. Wolf started as a school project in one of their major classes in college. The boys also believe that there’s always good in bad and bad in good, that despite of the large contrast between good and evil there’s a certain balance inside of us. “Saint” being the good, and “Wolf” being bad.


The band’s sound is a combination of smooth-sailing suave-ness and meaty, heavy instrumentation which they try to also translate physically in live performances. It started out as an inside joke as their guitarist made a demo for one of songs and named it Swabecore. At that time, it was a lightbulb moment for us; an “o nga no?” moment.You can expect a banger while feeling sexy as you groove and listen to their stuff!


“You’ll Be Safe Here” is an original track of Rivermaya which was featured as the theme song of the hit ABS-CBN thriller series, “Sprits”, in 2005. St. Wolf gives the track a modern twist with their Swabecore style.


This track is still a part of Warner Music Philippines’ 25th year celebration.


You’ll Be Safe Herewill be available for streaming via Spotify and Apple Music, also available for download via iTunes.


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