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1,042 views Apr 30, 2019
KUREI lands the #1 spot on Spotify Philippines’ viral 50 with her 1st single “Paasa”

Kurei, a shy and reluctant singer, got her first attempt at music thru the help of her friend Eunice Jorge of Gracenote. This tandem met thru Darwin Hernandez of Soupstar Music and hit it off instantly. Eunice would always invite Kurei to watch whenever they have gigs. Kurei, after being inspired and constantly prodded by Eunice, asked the latter for help in pursuing her love for music. The newbie musician, with Eunice as her producer, first dipped her feet in music with the acoustic version of “Paasa”. Little did she expect that this would make her hit the #1 spot on Spotify Phillippines’ Viral 50! This is definitely a great surprise for and from Kurei.

Being new in the music industry, Kurei surely knows that there is more work to be done for what lies ahead. But topping such a prestigious chart is definitely a great start for this artist.

Check her 1st single:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/7A7IsQQPGxlfHiDDl2Kct7?si=V2rFUIdOTVmg3jGAGc-fnQ

*Lyric Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqqGELgM_RI

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