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770 views Mar 26, 2019
Basti Artadi Releases "Ayoko Lab Song"



Signaling yet another landmark on his quest to adventurously explore other musical possibilities, BASTI ARTADI - one of the most iconic vocalists/frontmen in the Philippine hard rock scene – proudly unveils his newest single and MV for “Ayoko Lab Song.”  

Featuring a collaboration with Plan of Fools – a veritable who’s-who of musicians including longtime cohort (and Razorback bassist) Louie Talan (who coincidentally wrote the single and plays lap steel, banjo and acoustic guitar with the group) – Artadi purposely doesn’t hold back in letting his country roots show, as the harmonica-laden intro sets a slow-tempo pace for what could be his closest attempt at a radio-ready ballad, complete with a piano, synth and string build towards the end. It’s also notable that the single is sung entirely in Tagalog, another sure-fire sign that Basti has grown comfortable as an artist who chooses to be brutally honest and fearless in taking-on unexplored themes and styles. 

“Sometime in the 90s, Razorback was playing onstage and absolutely killing it, and suddenly, there was this one guy in the crowd who would shout at the top of his lungs ‘Gusto ko Black Sabbat [sic}! Ayoko Lab Song!’ laughs Artadi as he shares the origin story of the ironically-titled tune. “Man, I’ve been holding on to that title since the 90s, so it’s about time I put it out into the universe!”

Simultaneously, the official music video for “Ayoko Lab Song” has also been released online after much wait, and fans of Artadi will surely get a kick out of the almost-comical-almost-tragic narrative of Director Jett Leyco. Starring real-life sweethearts, theater actor and radio jock Jobim Javier and Sid Buan (drummer of all-female hard rock group Catfight…), Artadi also characteristically takes a break from the main spotlight in the video and does well as a supporting star of the ensemble, without failing to show – you guessed it- another side of his personality. 

Fans can now grab a copy of the latest single on all digital music platforms like iTunes and Spotify, and can view the music video on   youtube.com ( https://youtu.be/zT9LpRccFZ8 ) and while you're at it, subscribe to his youtube.com channel (bit.ly/BastiPH ).

Currently, Basti Artadi continues to furiously tour throughout the metro and the rest OF THE archipelago, wowing audiences with both the might and fury of his classic hits and his most recent material off Phantom Maker. Be sure to follow him on social media via facebook.com/bastiartadi and on Instagram through @bastiartadi73.