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Jan 30, 2019
Agsunta Signed Off

Written By: Arem V. Bolalin

“Masakit man at mahirap man, kailangan na muna naming itigil ‘to. Kami naman muna.”

Today, January 30, 2019, a local band who’s well-known for their song covers, Agsunta posted a Facebook video stating they are now officially “signing off”.

“From then on, parang four years na, ‘noh? Nagkaroon pa tayo ng #AgsuntaSongRequests, #AgsuntaJamSessions, tapos nagkaroon na rin ng #AgsuntaOriginals. Pero sorry po, wala munang kantahan ngayon. Chill chill lang tayo,” Agsunta said.

The band already deleted their videos on their official YouTube channel, and their fans are both shocked and sad about it.

Numerous supporters and random Facebook users shared their different sentiments and messages for the band.

“This is fine. You also have your own lives that you need to focus on and take care of. We respect that.”

“Thank you for making OPM much better and more fun to hear…”

However, the band is still accepting gigs and guestings. They will now just focus more on themselves. Their official Facebook page is still there so let's just wait for further announcement and hope that they'll be back very soon.