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Aug 22, 2018
Kids Are Taking Over IV of Spades and Ben & Ben

 Two of the hottest OPM acts, IV of Spades and Ben & Ben are recently featured on the YouTube series, “Kids Takeover”. First of the two-part program is ‘One on One’ which as its title would suggest, shows kids throwing all questions they want under the sun and reacting to most of the bands’ answers:



Kid: “Ilang taon na po kayo?”


Blaster: “Ako, eighteen.”


Kid: “Ikaw?” (pointing to Badjao)


Badjao: “Twenty-three.”



If you didn’t laugh at this then we don’t know what would make you. If you’re the kind who just loves the music of these bands, then you wouldn’t miss the second part which is the actual kids’ ‘takeover’ of the hits, ‘Mundo’ by IV of Spades and Ben & Ben’s ‘Kathang Isip’. The former, a ukulele spin off which also features the three-piece band turning into a six-piece one has been released on the second week of the series while the latter is yet to come out this Friday, August 24th

 Meanwhile, the same channel behind ‘Kids Takeover’ also gave fans of YouTube cover darling, Ysabelle Cuevas, the chance to get their fan request granted at #DearWMPhThe request was for Ysabelle to cook Bibimbap in a way that’s “kasing sarap ng mga covers na ginagawa mo,” quoting the fan message that refers to the singer’s love for all things Korean and her heavily-viewed song covers. Request leveled up when there were just ingredients but no recipe. Can Dua Lipa grant our fan requests too? Hope yes! View the step-by-step fan request sending here. Doesn’t hurt to try, eh?



 What do you think of all the series and who do you want to get featured next? Let us know below! If you haven’t watched any of these episodes yet, you can check them out on the official YouTube channel of Warner Music Philippines: https://wmp.lnk.to/youtube.