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Nov 22, 2022
Munimuni - Matimtiman

Munimuni’s latest folk-pop track highlights someone who is "Matimtiman". This adjective is often used to describe women who are constant, faithful, moral, steadfast, and unchanging. Accompanied by mentions of dreamy settings, it talks about how despite things in life being constantly fickle and unsure, she is the opposite. She loves unconditionally and fully. As long as she's there, worries and exhaustion go away. Let the guitars and woodwinds make you feel comfortable to float as freely as you would with someone who always makes sure to pull you back to the ground with love. 

About the Artist:

Munimuni is a band that speaks about the realities of life—troubles, failures, and heartbreaks included—and of an enduring hope for the future. The four-piece folk pop band is composed of Adj Jiao (guitar, vocals), John Owen Castro (flute, vocals), Jolo Ferrer (bass), and Josh Tumaliuan (drums), with their songs collectively resonating with FIlipinos in their everyday.