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Oct 04, 2022



Without a doubt, Steve Badiola – singer, songwriter and main figurehead behind the Philippines’ most successful emo outfit TYPECAST – has paid his dues and earned his rightful spot at the top of the pantheon of original Filipino music. His penchant for disarming melodies and heart-wrenching vocals set against a wide spectrum of sonic styles are second to none, both in the local and international live music circuit, and his tenure with the band for nearly two decades is still widely celebrated by music fans of all ages to this day. Which is why his latest solo project comes at the most perfect time wherein Badiola can both embrace the genre that catapulted his talent and legacy and try something a little different from his usual approach of creating music that’s downright exciting and undeniably loud. 


September 30, 2022 - Steve Badiola crafts his own original cover of the Copeland song “Coffee” that talks about growing up and moving on. Steve's gentle vocals and warm acoustic arrangement crafted a track that feels both nostalgic and moving. Listen to “Coffee” here: 


September 16, 2022 - Steve Badiola is a musical force to be reckoned with– performing and writing songs from a very young age, he has gone on to perform alongside iconic alt-rock bands like Good Charlotte, Fall Out Boy, Dashboard Confessional, and Taking Back Sunday. Steve Badiola created his own original cover of the Empire! Empire!’s “How To Make Love Stay”, a song about loving a vulnerable person, feels both nostalgic and fresh.

Listen to “How To Make Love Stay” here: https://lnk.to/SteveBadiolaHowToMakeLoveStay




September 2, 2022 - Steve Badiola’s first single, an über-poignant rehashing of the Further Seems Forever tune “Just Until Sundown” best encapsulates the spirit and direction of his upcoming collection: simple, bare, and highlighting the sheer strength of the track’s melancholic lyricism and melodicism. “It’s all about the vibe,” he shares, and adds: “I do add my personal touch of course, but the main idea is to keep the songs as straightforward and no-frills as possible, with just my voice, an acoustic guitar and maybe a few electronic beats here and there.” 

Listen to “Just Until Sundown” here:   https://lnk.to/SteveBadiolaJustUntilSundown 

“Coffee”, “How To Make Love Stay” and “Just Until Sundown” are now available on all digital music platforms through international music company evoXs, and fans of both Badiola and of the genre can expect more awesome singles on the way – from key bands in the genre like Anberlin, Thursday, Daphne Loves Derby, Armor For Sleep, Jimmy Eat World , The Used and a whole lot more. Just as the proverbial saying goes: there’s definitely more exciting things to come, so fans of all ages should definitely keep their eyes peeled and ears open for further material to be unleashed soon. “I hope fans will enjoy what I’ve done as much as I’ve enjoyed working on these songs. At the moment, I’m just going to keep doing more.” - Steve Badiola.


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