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Sep 20, 2022
Hero Carves His Own Path As A “Legit” Artist In New Single With Jekkpot

“Palaging dope legit kaht pa-vouch mo pa. Sabay sa 808 ‘yung pagba-bounce nila”


Hero wants to keep his presence under every Pinoy hip-hop heads’ radar as he drops another song called “Legit” featuring Jekkpot and produced by Goodson Hella Bad.

Once again, Hero showcases his mesmerizing flow and relentlessly strong bars, proving that he’s much stronger than yesterday and worthy of being what the song is all about — being “Legit.” And perhaps, especially to the eyes of the scrutinous or unconvinced rap fans, as well as fellow artists that he rubs elbows with. (Watch here)

The track also talks about the importance of believing in yourself and making no excuses to reach your goals and build a great reputation.

Speaking of new releases, Hero is also part of Gloc-9’s latest release “Di Umiinom” weeks ago.

Catch this fiery track “Legit” on your favorite digital platforms under Universal Records Philippines.

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