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Aug 05, 2022
Kenneth Amores dedicates recent release “Who Am I To You” for his friend


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Who Am I To You is a song dedicated to a friend of Kenneth Amores himself that passed away. The artist turned a blind eye on how his friend desperately tried to give him the love that she wanted. “I know no apology nor prayer would get you back here but I wrote this song as my way of trying to understand how  much I meant to you. I’m  sorry for letting things end this way. I hope you’re doing good up there. Rest in peace.” As Amores “Who Am I To You”, he was hurting and can’t imagine how painful it was for her friend. But maybe it was toxic of him to find his worth in someone else.







For Kenneth, music is all about the search for the ‘genuine’. As people, we say and hear a word or a group of words differently based on the emotions we put into those words.Kenneth’s passion for his music is expressed with his never-ending advancing sound.He views the feelings he experiences each and every other day as individual dots connecting to each other, creating this unending line that defines his love for music. —timeless and forever growing —In contrast to the music from his debut album, he shifted his perspectives in life, looking outwards to his loved ones instead of inwards to himself. He now makes music along with ‘genuine’ people he shares his vulnerabilities with.





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