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Jul 22, 2022
CHNDTR Goes Cheesy With a New Take On "MINE"



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For those of us old enough to remember, the rock music station NU 107 carried a couple of songs on its playlist by the local ska ensemble PUT3SKA. Those tracks were as catchy as one could get, and like all ska, songs featured an intense horn section. These horns are making a comeback in the latest mix of  CHNDTR’s recent release “Mine”, which dropped more than a month ago. The mix, dubbed “Mine  (Cheesy Version)” promises to offer a different take on a song that’s inspired, among other things, by  1990s love songs and their bilingual lyrics. 


Its composers, Chin Detera and Niko Bacani, say that it took half a day to write and a lot of convincing that the song was worth recording. The song talks about the familiar experience of close friends becoming lovers and the endurance such relationships might have, and with this new “cheesy” take, the band wants listeners to appreciate “Mine” with a greater sense of “kilig” than before. 


CHNDTR tells us that “Mine” was inspired by an experience of a friend of theirs at a party where they all were. His crush happened to be there, and as it happens, they all knew he felt that way for her. So all night, his friends relentlessly teased the two, who blushed in response. They knew that there was a  spark there, and later were so inspired to write a song based on that memorable night. 


They tell us that the two are now a couple.


CHNDTR is now part of the Republic Records Philippines family, a label that was launched on July 8th of this year. Being part of Republic and working with the label’s A&R executive Tiny Corpuz, who also produced “Mine (Cheesy Version)” offers them new opportunities and challenges. “We think that the  band will [not only be] challenged [creatively] but in discipline and hard work,”  they tell us, “We hope  that we can make the most out of our ideas and make music that we can be proud of in the future.” 

Republic Records Philippines just released the single on all major streaming platforms. 



Getting a band together is both a joy and a challenge. Ask Chin, the lead singer, and guitarist of CHNDTR,  a band whose name comes from the consonants of her name. She had already been with an alternative band called Beating the Red Lights, whose minor claim to fame was making a song about comedian and  host Vice Ganda (and appearing on TV because of that). The band eventually went on hiatus, but she kept writing new songs during that time. She then formed a band with some session musicians, but the lack of job prospects led them to migrate, and she was once again left on her own. She wanted to be in a  band but had to settle for a long spell of being a solo performer. It was after a nine-month break that she got CHNDTR together, the ensemble she fronts to this day. 


Apart from Chin, her colleagues in CHNDTR are Sean on bass, Niko on lead guitar, and Zach on drums.  Exactly how they got together as a band, as Sean narrates, is a pretty standard story: the band first gets together, some people leave, and others join in. He knew Chin for some time, and a founding band member and Chin were in school together. He sent an audition video, and they rehearsed some of Chin’s songs. It worked, he said. Then when the other bandmate left, he got Niko to join them because Niko was in a band with Sean before. Chin then got her friend Zach whom she knew from a certain circle of friends. And that was just in 2016! Chin says that the first song they worked on together was the song “Martyr,” which they recorded as a  demo with a different feel and flavor to the final product. When they recorded and released it on YouTube, they didn’t expect how much of a reaction it got. She says that other bands have covered it in  “battle of the bands” competitions throughout the country.  


The band members lived far apart from each other, which was a challenge. Their passion and willingness to get together to rehearse and perform, however, made them overcome that. Chin says that their goal was to make their sets something to experience. It paid off in one of their early gigs. They were invited to perform at a show where they were requested to dress up. Little did they know that it was an event where the cream of the crop of Philippine music, including National Artist for Music Ryan Cayabyab, all  attended. The small group (of less than 20, Chin recalls) included Moy Ortiz, the members of The  Company, and Noel Cabangon. Chin says that the reaction was very positive—even Cayabyab was head banging—and the audience felt they could relate to their music even though it was different from theirs.  


As CHNDTR constantly played gigs and self-released their first EP (with the single dropped on their  YouTube channel), they started gaining more and more attention in the music world. After guesting on a  live music show sponsored by a recording studio with an affiliated label (a big feat for a relatively new band), the label signed them. It offered to re-release their EP and other recordings digitally. They worked on a new album with the label and launched it at an event at a supermarket, where a limited edition of 150 physical copies sold out in 30 minutes. That stunned them, Chin says. 


CHNDTR’s next projects included a series of four singles working with Argee Guerrero, who is with the band Tonight We Sleep and is better known for his singer-songwriter project I Belong to the Zoo. The singles were dropped during the pandemic. Eventually, in September 2021, they joined Republic  Records, an imprint of Universal Music Group. They say that their experience with the label has been very positive. They are well taken care of, they claim, even to the point of being spoiled. But they want to be back on the gig circuit again as the worst of the COVID pandemic is increasingly behind us. 


CHNDTR says that’s what they want to be our female solo performers or female-fronted bands that they mainly admire for their songwriting and performing style. When asked who these are, they mentioned  Paramore, Moonstar88, Avril Lavigne, Olivia Rodrigo, and the genre-bending Taylor Swift. And when we asked who they were listening to these days, each of the band members gave different answers. Chin is listening to Hayley Williams (Paramore), Lavigne, Swift, and Rodrigo, mainly for inspiration to write  English-language songs (which is likely the direction they’re heading). Niko is listening to one of Island  Records Philippines’ most prominent artists, Zack Tabudlo, because he says that Zack is a “solid  songwriter and producer.” Zach prefers to listen to Justin Bieber these days, primarily because of the vibes his music gives off. Sean says that he listens to IV of Spades because their songwriting and stage presence is remarkably good. 


We would have wanted to end with their future hopes and dreams, but we think that it would be better to end with something we asked them—how does CHNDTR describe their music? 

         Whatever CHNDTR’s music turns out to be in the future, let’s hope it’s as comforting, sweet, and as delicious as that.




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