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Jun 02, 2022
Paul Pablo "Di Inakala" Out Now!

Facing issues of love, identity, and social tension, Paul Pablo, born and raised in Davao City enters the Philippines Music Industry with a distinguished sound of Pop that coalesces electro-pop, indie, disco, synth-pop, and R&B. He developed a knack for music by growing out his skills in singing and performing as a child. Paul Pablo, transitioning to his teenage years, loves listening to the likes of Beyonce, Adam Lambert, Boy George, Queen, Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, Adele, and Lady Gaga obsessing over “The Fame Monster”, “Born this Way” and “Artpop” era. At the age of 14, Paul Pablo came out and told his family and friends about what he truly felt since childhood and since then, he grew up as an openly gay person slowly unlocking the charismatic and unapologetic personality that he constantly embodies until now as a 22-year-old. 

During the peak of his two major songs, "Bangin" and "Kalawakan" he gathered over 160k monthly listeners, reaching a total of 1M streams on Spotify with only three songs; not yet reaching a year in Warner Music Philippines as a signed artist. This year he performed both "Kaya" and "Bangin" on Wish 107.5 Bus, and he was featured as Spotify Radar Philippines for 2022. This provided him with more opportunities, ranging from local to national spots in the PH music scene. 

Paul Pablo is getting a fresh spin on things by transforming his imagination into music and visuals. As an LGBTQ advocate, Paul Pablo wants to help raise the rainbow flag and create songs that everyone can indulge in. 

About The Song 

If you are a believer in love and destiny, "Di Inakala" is a song you should listen to. Paul Pablo, the man behind the lyrics, vocals, and concept of this soul-catching love song, wanted to dedicate the song to people who had finally found the love of their lives. This track's superb production and sound were handled by International Filipino-Dutch producer Xerxes Bakker and local producer protégé Jhay Ehidio of The Sound House, under the supervision of A&R Executive Alexander Lim of Warner Music Philippines. Setting the bar for sound quality, "Di Inakala" also leveraged on having Jorel Corpus do the mix and Jett Galindo of The Bakery Los Angeles mastered the amazing track. This innovative approach to OPM sound will quickly pique the interest of listeners and musicians alike.