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Apr 25, 2022
TERAZZA's latest vibe, 2nd single "Telepono"

Filipino Rock-Alternative band TERAZZA dropped their 2nd single "Telepono", a Pop-Rock-Alternative act that tackles on a certain individual seeking love through social media and countless LDR.

Released under Ivory Music and Videos, Terazza's latest song amidst the crowd, with its message offers every individual a distinctive and catchy sound that truly defies rock sound.

"TELEPONO is about one's seeking of true love under social media and internet, hoping someday being with one... But in the end, life's has new beginning and eventually new chapter unfolds,"...

Song produced during the pandemic, Terazza reflects on how they cope up with the ideas and eventually comes with a distinct sound to cater it's audience. With the help of our

songwriter-composer Ardeline Dequito and our arranger Salt and Light Studio, we've acomplish it and very proud of it.

Terazza's "Telepono" is out now on all digital streaming platforms worldwide via Ivory Music and Videos.

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