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Mar 30, 2022
The Powerful Pairing of Timmy Albert and Angelina Cruz Blooms Into "roses & sunflowers (together)"

After racking up 6.3 million streams on Spotify, Timmy Albert’s 2019 single, “roses & sunflowers” gets a surprisingly refreshing alternate version this 2022. 

And to make this song release very special, Timmy is joined by rising recording artist Angelina Cruz – ultimately calling it “roses & sunflowers (Together)”

There’s no doubt that “roses & sunflowers” paved the way for Timmy’s popularity to rise and it was able to resonate with his listeners really well. Now with Angelina on board, the catchy tune is expected to gain yet another surge in attention on music streaming platforms.

The addition of her dazzling vocals gives this version a whole new vibe, complementing the song’s revamped warm strings. It’s safe to say that “roses & sunflowers (Together)” is a delectable collaboration that captures the essence of summer full of love and happiness.


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