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Mar 25, 2022
Keiko Necesario "Obra" EP Out Now!

Warner Music Philippines' Keiko Necesario has announced her new EP "OBRA" arriving March 25. The five-track record marks Keiko's new body of work since she released her 2020 album Ready, Let Go. The EP includes Keiko's latest single "UNA", with the official music, lyric, and live harana videos are streaming now on Keiko's official YouTube channel.

Elaborating on the EP, Keiko shared, "Agos is an all-Tagalog EP that speaks about love in its different forms; joy, pain, hope, loneliness, contentment, loss, waiting and growth. A body of work that consists of a collection of stories with words and melodies." Keiko's long-time and favorite collaborators are also enlisted for this project. From Chasing Fantasia, Kim Trinidad, EJ de Perio, to Quest.

The five-track EP opens with "GABI", a celebratory track about loving. Followed by "UNA", the artist's anniversary duet with her husband, singer-songwriter Jem Cubil. Next is "BAKA SAKALI", a song that revolves around wrong timing. "Love can be scary at times, no matter how worth the risk it is, when time becomes an enemy in a story, do you fight for it or not? This is what this song is all about. It’s fighting against time, a battle no one can win," Keiko described. The fourth "AGOS" is the Tagalog version of Keiko Necesario and Kim Trinidad's 2015 release “Away From The Current"; the track still talks about letting go of the fear of falling in love. Closing the EP is "OBRA", a song about the beauty of life and the growth that comes with it; a celebration of being alive, stories of becoming and learning in the name of love. It was written by Keiko together with fellow Warner Music Philippines artist Quest.

Keiko's last album "Ready, Let Go." was released in September 2020 while the world was on hold because of the pandemic. But, even without the chance to promote her music in front of a live crowd, she was still able to capture her fans' lockdown attention. It culminated in the release of Keiko's series of acoustic videos called "Songwriter's Version," which she described as "a series of live performances where I sing my songs from my album "Ready, Let Go" the way I wrote them, raw with just me and my guitar."

Since attracting some of her first-ever fans on Soundcloud, Keiko Necesario has already built a massive social media following. She has racked up almost 200K followers on Facebook, 48K subscribers and 5.6M views on Youtube, and 90K followers and 176K monthly listeners on Spotify. This makes Keiko one of the country's most-listened-to female artists in the music industry and a well-loved online presence all on her own.

Keiko Necesario’s new EP “Obra” is now digitally available for download and streaming. For the latest updates on your favorite musicians, follow Warner Music Philippines on their social media pages.

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