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Feb 25, 2022
Leanne & Naara offer glimpse into personal loss on “The One”



Artists have a way of sharing their deepest of feelings like nobody else. Across styles and generations, they pour their hearts out into the creation of songs that help us connect with others and ourselves. Certain songs talk about warm, fuzzy beginnings, then there are those that sit with you and help you grieve through a loss. Warner Music Philippines' indie pop duo Leanne & Naara dives into the concept of longing in their new song The One. Joining them again is Filipino-Canadian songwriter-producer August Rigo, who also produced their recently released song, Anticipation.

The One is a ballad that features Leanne Mamonong and Naara Acueza's signature harmonies. Along with their distinct voices, the music provides a mellow backdrop that allows the duo’s vocal range to take the spotlight. Explaining how The One came to be, Leanne said, "One day I was sitting at home alone and I was just missing a few people. I was reminiscing on how easy it was to just meet up, grab dinner or get coffee without the feeling that you’re taking a risk. These days we need to plan things days ahead just to see our friends or our family. I think it’s great that we’re taking measures to protect each other but at the same time I can’t help but feel I’m losing so much time with them. That’s where the sadness came from. Also, both Naara and I have loved ones that are far away and both of us constantly worry about their safety. I think this song is a response to loss. I think we all lost something or someone somehow during this whole thing."

This new single is at the base of Leanne & Naara's resonance. The duo has come to realize that at any moment, our lives can change who we are. Views are transformed, and relationships begin and end. On what she had come to know about herself while working on the single, Naara shared, "This song made me realize how much I miss being around my family and friends. Life is short so whether near or far, I have to cherish each moment, each time I have with them."

Talking more about The One and their favorite part about making it, Naara shared, "My favorite part would be the recording of the vocals because adding up those harmonies makes it more even special for me. It makes the song more vulnerable. We’re actually excited for them [their following] to hear it because I think this is one of our songs that people can relate to and it also talks about love in general."

"I think they’ll start to see our vulnerable side especially with this one. We love to laugh a lot but I think our fans are not used to us being dramatic so since we’re dealing with a topic that’s very personal to us, I think now it’s naturally come out," Leanne added. "I didn’t specifically think of like an album while I was writing this one. If I’m being honest, I think I wrote it for myself. I was going through a lot at the time and writing songs is the best way for me to process things. However, we’re already talking about releasing an EP soon. It’s exciting."

The One follows previous releases, Waste the Holidays and Anticipation which have accumulated over 900K streams across services. The One, their first in 2022, is set to build on their impressive streaming numbers. They were also recently featured on Lola Amour's track "Click".

Still in their mid-20's, Leanne & Naara exude a musicality well beyond their years. Their songs have always been reflections that take on growth, love, and other personal truths. Through their introspective lyrical talent, Leanne and Naara continue to rake in thousands of views and listens across their discography, some tracks even breaking 20 million. With various achievements under their belt, the duo will definitely grow more in grace and in their own enlightenment, taking their fans-turned-friends with them.

Leanne & Naara’s new single “The One” drops February 25th on your digital platforms. For the latest updates on your favorite musicians, follow Warner Music Philippines on their social media pages.

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