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Feb 21, 2022
“Hugot” Song Inspired By Two Celebrities Who Had A One Night Stand

Dedicated to those who didn’t have a date last Valentine’s Day, Calle Onse released their new single entitled “Araw” on February 18, following the release of their first single, “Dito Ka Na Lang” with the new band lineup last year that garnered over 200,000 streams on Spotify.

“Araw” is a song that accurately depicts the feeling of being ghosted. It expresses the stories of those that were suddenly left hanging by the people they were already considering as special to their hearts. The song perfectly executes contradiction in which it tells of love in the evening that was suddenly lost as the sun’s brilliance slowly rises. It is inspired by a true story of two known celebrities who admitted that they had a one-night stand with each other.

The song’s message was effectively supported by sensual musical arrangements, evoking the feelings of deep sadness and loneliness inflicted by those that ghosted them. This is made possible with Calle Onse’s fresh band lineup consisting of Jalo Aningat on vocals, Nikko Gonzaga on rhythm guitar, Fernan Ong on lead guitar, Kim Pesimo on bass guitar, and Gerome Reyes on drums. They are set to release more songs that help everyone express strong feelings and emotions as they continue to mature in their musical journey together.

Listen to “Araw”: https://ingrv.es/araw-1ym-m

Follow Calle Onse’s social media accounts here: https://linktr.ee/calleonse

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