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6,654 views Jun 27, 2018
Sud Releases "Sana Bumalik"

From frontman Sud's back tat which means, "From delight we came into existence", we now exist in delight from all the good that's been happening to the band and all our peers in the scene.

A current line-up of 5 members strong with Sud Ballecer on vocals and guitar,Jimbo Cuenco on drums, Kohl Aguilar on keys, Carlos Dela Fuente on sax, Raisa Racelis on bass, SUD is still on a mission for your pleasure, but way better and way more different.

“Sana Bumalik” is a song that talks about the simplest, most basic core of longing for something you’ve lost. May it be a break up, death in the family, friendship, what have you, losing something you never wished to lose is always painful. And the song talks about just that- the dark place we find ourselves in when we’re in state of grief. All the conversations you have with a memory. The pleading for something you know you can never have again. Line per line is vivid display of defeat, irony, indecision, wastage, and desolation all rolled up in one bite-size sushi of a song. But as much as the track is undemanding and elementary, the music behind the straightforward lyrics is just as grand and immense; almost like the perfect musical score to a downcast scene in a film. This is also SUD’s first heartbreak song. A tearjerker of a soundtrack even for the happiest of people.

SUD is OPM’s hottest when it comes to the band scene, so don’t forget to like their official Facebook page for updates on their amazing music. You can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram, and catch them in videos by subscribing to their official YouTube channel.


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