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3,559 views Jan 05, 2018
Universal Records proudly launches "Kunwari" alongside "Tempura


Sponge Cola is back with an interesting pair of songs to close out 2017 and at the same time open 2018. Fresh off their latest hit “Bahaghari," the band is set to release “Tempura" and “Kunwari."


Universal Records proudly launches "Kunwari" alongside "Tempura".


Bassist Gosh Dilay penned the bittersweet “Kunwari," that despite being a lighthearted song, deals with something everyone is all too familiar with: unrequited love. Framed by Dilay's trademark Filipino, “Kunwari” emphasizes the push and pull between being eager risk takers, and safe calculated people when it comes to love.


Both “Tempura" and “Kunwari” are available on all digital platforms!