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Jul 06, 2021
Song In Focus Reveals How Typecast Wrote "Will You Ever Learn" On The Spot

Typecast, reveals that their biggest hit ‘Will You Ever Learn’ was made on the spot in just over an hour, while in the process of recording their would be hit song. The band members go on about their amusing tales on what happened in the making of ‘Will You Ever Learn’ in the 15th episode of the Song in Focus music podcast - hosted by Acel Bisa Van Ommen and indie artist Denice Lao.


Steve Badiola, Pakoy Fletcher, Sep Rono and joined by their road manager Rowel Sotto discussed in the Song in Focus podcast about how the band decided to record in Malaysia while they were there on a whim.

“Sige game, why not?’” - Steve Badiola, Lead Vocalist 

Showing the band’s “brave genius” and true “free-spirit,” Typecast further revealed that they even went as far as buying an acoustic guitar on the spot during their recording session. The song was actually not intended to be the lead single and it was revealed that the band was initially betting on their other track - The Boston Drama but the track ended up being so good that their manager at the time pushed the band to kick off their album ‘Every Moss and Cobweb’ with the song instead. In short, they never expected it to blow up the way it did.



Learn more song secrets when you listen to the Song In Focus podcast episode which is available for free on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and more. They uncover stories and immortalize the creative process of some of the country’s most iconic songs. Follow them at @songinfocus on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram for more.