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Jun 02, 2021
Mani Kontador's Debut EP "Nakain ng Social Media" - Out Now!

Mani Kontador is a quirky punk band residing in Laguna. Junee Abe (Guitar/Vocals), Rafael Gerardo (Bass/Vocals) and Ralph Rapiz (Drums) started performing as a band in May 2019. The band's sarcastic sense of humor, not just on the lyrics of their songs, but also on stage makes the crowd engaged during their electrifying and entertaining performance.

The punk trio were constantly invited to different bars within their area. They were also able to open for known acts such as Brace Yourselves, Piledriver, Bita and the Botflies, Dong Abay, and New Zealand's Pale Lady, and Blu Fish. They were also featured on the facebook pages of some of Laguna's applauded event organizers like Musika Laguna, and Indie Laguna. But this is not to say that they cannot appear in articles outside Laguna. The band became one of the spotlights on the write-ups of BusinessMirror, u Do u, and Finite Fam. EP reviews from bloggers such as Mak N. Remington, and Mikoy Fernandez emerged too.

As the band releases their first ever EP entitled "Nakain ng Social Media" last April 1, 2021, and songs being able to enter the regular playlists of radio stations like Jam88.3, RADYO KNTTN, Madhouse Music, and Duro Cabeza de Cavite, their fanbase continue to grow. The trio continue to show their eagerness to become one of the country's "must watch" acts. These three dudes might look hilarious on and off the stage, but they assure everyone that their materials will be done seriously, and passionately.