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Apr 08, 2021
IC5 Network Launches Ex or Next: A Show That Brings Ex-Couples To A Search For Answers On Why They Ended And If They Should Try Again

By: Godwin Andrea Jose Domingo

IC5 Network has been all over the internet, grabbing people’s attention from the casting call to the trailer, to the His and Her Playlist on Spotify. This is because they are about to launch their first show, Ex or Next.


Ex or Next is a weekly reality show that features the journey of ex-couples who are in the process of healing. In a span of three episodes,they will reminisce about their past relationships by answering questions, playing games, and telling stories. In the end, they will decide on whether they should go back, or go at it again.


Healing is a key concept to this show because decisions are best made when wounds are healed and scars start to fade away. In relationships, choices are made when people are finally able to talk about it. While healing may not be as fast as three episodes, the show can only do so far as to enlighten the ex-couples on whether to move on or come back.


Ex or Next will start airing weekly on April 21, 2021 at 6 pm on Facebook Live.


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