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Mar 18, 2021
Sight Seers: Could You Be One?

By: Jonathan Emmanuel Estrada


We’ve seen it time and time again. People who follow a certain culture are given a collective name. This is commonly the case with bands and musicians; Deadheads, Beatlemaniacs, Swifties, just to give you an idea.

Just as bands have an endearing name for their fans, so do television shows. The logic behind this sort of branding is so that the audience feels more engaged with the experience of the show. After all, doesn’t it always feel good to be part of something much bigger than expected?


It is exactly that reason which drove IC5 Network, the Thomasian-bred online media network,  to give their audience a fitting name: “Sight Seers”.


What exactly does it mean to be a Sight Seer?


IC5 Network defined the word as “people who find pleasure in taking in new sights and wonders from the world around them as a means of finding and knowing the stories of things or people.” That is exactly what IC5 Network aims to do: to bring people’s stories to the screen so that they may be heard and seen, which makes the name “Sight Seers” apt.


As of now, the network is working on its first show which will be aired soon on their Facebook page. So if you consider yourself a sightseer or just love getting to know the stories of people, then IC5 Network is calling you to drop by! After all, every sight is a story!



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