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Mar 16, 2021
Meet IC5 Network: A Media Broadcasting Channel By Thomasian 3rd Year Communication Students

By: Leanne Angeli Macalalad


Youtube: IC5 Network While the digital age opens multiple possibilities when it comes to learning and working, applying it in the new normal makes things extra tricky. Online classes are starting to take a toll on Filipino Gen Z students especially given that they’re gonna have to rely heavily on stable internet connections and equipment.


What more if part of their requirements for a major subject is to produce an online television show?


For these 3rd Year Communication students from the University of Santo Tomas, anything is possible as long as everyone pours their whole hearts out to what they’re doing. Not only did the section of 3COM5 coordinate with numerous sponsors and media partners (including the famous Rakista Radio), they also created their own broadcasting channel and called it: IC5 Network.


The name ‘IC5’ is a play on the phrase “eye see”, which came from the merging of 3COM5’s two previous production houses: Alikmata Productions and Seesaw Productions--both award-winning teams for their published documentaries ‘Uncured’ and ‘Flowers From The Fields’. Here at IC5 Network, each member is greatly driven by their passion to keep seeking stories everywhere they go. Hence, the network tagline: “Every sight is a story.”


As the semester progresses along this 2021, IC5 Network continues to challenge limitations and cook up exciting content featuring various, heartfelt narratives from the perspectives of real people.


Follow them on their social media accounts:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/IC5Network2021

Twitter: @IC5Network

Instagram: @ic5network