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Valley Of Chrome’s Rogel Africa Talks Death And Legacy In Song In Focus Podcast

“It’s a song about making your existence count.” - Rogel Africa on ‘Markang Bungo’


The Song in Focus podcast, which is currently one of the top music podcasts in Spotify and Apple Podcasts Philippines, had Valley of Chrome’s lead singer and songwriter Rogel Africa talk about the band's song Markang Bungo - which is timely due to its theme on being “marked for death.”



Hosts and Singer-Songwriters Acel and Denice Lao dive deep into the meaning and motivation behind the song with the vocalist in one of the newest episodes. The song became a “self-help book” to the vocalist, a mantra amidst dark times. “It’s like speaking for someone who’s in a creative rut … wanting to just quit and go all corporate and quit his passion.This is me telling myself and other people not to give up because there’s a bigger picture than what you see.” 

Being long-time musicians, the band has experienced not only personal but also large-scale changes. The metal genre has noticeably progressed era by era, alongside the band’s evolution of sound. “I can’t repeat myself for the 20th time. I can’t sound like myself when I was 24 years old. It’s a different mindset now.” There is a notion that metal is all about revenge and dark themes. While those are common themes, songs like Markang Bungo diversify the genre by bringing positive tones while also not losing the essence of the genre. 


Given the trials the society faces because of the pandemic, listeners may resonate with the Markang Bungo’s intent. The song’s message stays relevant as it continues to inspire, bringing another perspective to people facing hardships. The featured song of the podcast remains to be a symbol of the band’s vision to grow, celebrating their existence. 


This episode featuring Valley of Chrome’s iconic track is the 8th installment of the Song in Focus podcast and has featured many of OPM’s celebrated artists like Sponge Cola, Yeng Constantino, Clara Benin, Silent Sanctuary, and Itchyworms to name a few. To hear more about Rogel’s outlook on the song, his favorite lines, and numerous topics, listen to the full episode on Spotify and Apple Podcast. 


Song in Focus is a podcast based in the Philippines that drills into aspects beyond surface-level of all-time favorite songs by artists - production, recording, behind-the-scenes stories etc. Connect with Song in Focus through linktr.ee/songinfocus or on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other podcast streaming sites for free. Follow them at @songinfocus on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.