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641 views Nov 27, 2020
Big J: A Street Urchin-Turned-Rap Prodigy Who Loves His Mama

With rhyming skills that hearken back to the MCs of hip-hop’s golden age, Big J is a true diamond in the rough.


An up-and-coming hip-hop artist who was raised in the streets of Caloocan, Big J (real name Jerson Sonza) honed his considerable emcee skills as a young teenager. In his new single Mama (released November 6), Big J looks back on his tough, impoverished upbringing, and reassures his mother that he can be the provider for their family. The song is themed similarly to Dear Mama,legendary rapper 2Pac’s iconic ode to his own mother, while Big J’s flow and skills call to mind equally-legendary American rapper Nas on his seminal debut album, Illmatic.


Big J was signed to record label 7K Sounds on October 12, 2020, and released his first track, Ala-Ala (with LA Santos) on October 23, only two weeks after he signed onto 7K’s roster. With his effortless ability to craft clever bars and witty wordplay, as well as his recent string of underrated hits, Big J has as good a chance as anyone of becoming a giant in the Philippine hip-hop industry.