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447 views Oct 26, 2020


No one is spared from the wrath of this pandemic. One way or another, may it be isolation, fear, anxiety, financial instability, and grief – we are all going through pain. This is what Gracenote through their newest single “Its ok to not be ok” wants us to know. Be true to your emotions. Don’t hide them, don’t hide behind them. This will help you heal. We are all in this together. The band hopes that through their music, their fans will be comforted.


Eunice says, "It’s a reminder to stop pretending that you’re okay and it’s normal to have struggles sometimes and admit that you need a hug." EJ adds, "Let tears fall if you have to. Pag na-release mo na emotions mo, mas magiging ready ka harapin ang buhay. Acknowledging your weakness will make you even stronger."


The song, with its upbeat vibe and encouraging lyrics, aims to lighten the mood of the listeners. It is also the second song of Gracenote after “Baso at Bote” where bassist Jazz Jorge does main vocals. Jazz says, "The thought of me representing the band again as the main vocals, scares me to the bone. But the song makes me feel brave. The words 'kaya mo yan' 'wag sumuko', etc. may sound cliche, but we all need to hear those words from time to time and this song does that."


The song is written by BBS in collaboration with Gracenote and is released under Soupstar Music. 

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/24TuhocAZW1vpoENmvJfYb?si=KLtiG_jDQV-k4sUjC5xzIQ

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/ph/album/its-okay-to-not-be-okay-single/1535899155