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Hey Moonshine Releases Mercy to Battle Depression

Mercy is a song about battling depression and the demons that corrupt a person’s mind. It talks about the elements a person holds on to whether it be religion, family, or friends. Without the needed support, it is difficult to overcome. The song talks about a very dangerous state of mind and the struggles not to be a victim of it.

The band wanted to go back to its roots to record a heavy guitar driven track. The song still stays true to the Moonshine sound with its odd-timed verses in an unconventional song structure. The verses are sung in a high angry pitch, as the melody of the choruses’ somber down to a harmonizing eerie feel. “We really pushed our vocalist, Gian Sison to sing the “hell out” of the verses”. Moonshine’s 8-piece entourage is definably heard with the layers of electric and acoustic guitars, heavy drum and bass line, percussions, harmonica and the twin back-up vocals blanketing the melodies throughout the track. The song was composed with one guitar and one vocal melody. “Everyone in the band just contributed in arranging the song as to how it turned out to be”. Athena Sayaman orchestrated a lot of ideas for the back-up vocal arrangement. Aris Sison added layered guitar choruses and Ton Gregorio on acoustic guitar.

It took a long time to finish recording because of the pandemic. The band needed to ensure the safety of everyone. Shaun Hilario (drummer) and Carlo Ybanez (bassist) isolated themselves in two separate recording days to lay down their tracks. Angela Rivera (back-up vocalist) submitted her vocal tracks remotely while the whole song was mastered via a video conferencing service on-line. Composed by Bryan Gatmaitan, produced by Hey Moonshine under Viva Records Corp. Listen to Mercy in Spotify and all digital music platforms.

Listen to Mercy here:  http://bit.ly/MercyPL