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Here Are Some Of Our Local Indie Artists You Should Check Out This Quarantine Period




Born and raised in the province of Batangas, Austin John has always dreamt of seeing and experiencing the world, and found the path to this dream through music. Inspired by his own life experiences and musical influences, he has been writing songs and performing with an acoustic guitar at every open mic venue he could find in their local since he was 14. 


Austin John writes lyrics and tells stories where his voice comes out; he puts you in his shoes and gives you a glimpse of what he perceives. His sound can be diverse in different songs as he was influenced by different genres like alternative, pop, soul and rap music that also gives a sense of familiarity in his music. Now based in Quezon City, the independent singer-songwriter/performer aspires to bring his music to new audiences. With so much intensity and passion, he always gives it all in his striking performances with his aggressive and rhythmic tunes that you’d witness in your favorite open mic QC venues like Jess & Pat’s.

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Yohani is a singer/songwriter, music producer, dancer, and theatre student based in Manila. Growing up with a background in voice, choir, piano, ballet, hip hop, and theatre, music has always been an essential part of her life. Not only is it essential, but it is also her constant peaceful and magical escape from the humdrum and harsh reality of life, a medicine to her soul. Indeed, music has always been a healing medicine even in the darkest hours of her life.


It is no doubt that music is her ikigai. Indeed, producing music on her DAW and writing songs doesn’t feel like work at all; instead, it feels like brewing a magic potion that brings about a healing power. Now at 23, her objective is to heal listeners with her music the way music helped her during her darkest hours.


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"When I was a child, maybe I was about 7 or 8 years old then, my mom and I used to go to birthday parties. Every time, Mama always sang and she makes me sing. I remember na may tono naren ako ng time na yun. Favorite song na kinakanta ko nun is Britney Spears' song. Halos lahat kabisado ko mga songs niya at nagagaya ko yung voice niya. Actually, wala talaga akong idea na dati kung maging singer ba ako pag laki ko or if I like it, but because of Mama, I continued it. When I was a bit matured, I twisted everything to discover everything. I know what my genre is, what is the right tune in each song before I only knew about the tones, but here I was able to help myself and I gradually discovered it. In 2018, 2019, and 2020, I was able to release three albums and its title is (Style, Legend, Brave). Ang mga albums ko na iyan ay sobrang espesyal sakin dahil jan ko na sha-share lahat ng mga gusto ko ilabas na sakit sa puso ko, as in lahat. Year 2019, maraming mga events, quest ang nadanas ko kaso kahit sobrang laking achievement na ang natatangap ko, ay ayaw parin ng ng tatay ko na maging musician ako. He used to say that to me face to face when we talked, he didn't want me to be a musician but I still continued, until he supported me, even though I did not ask him to buy me instruments for recording, he bought me! I am very thankful to my family because they are always there for me, to support me, and I am happy with myself that I do not give up right away. I thank the Lord because he gives me the diligence every day to continue this, now I continue to do it and I believe that soon, I will also be successful. I hope all those who dream in this world will be successful too." - Tyron Montero


Tyron is also a Youtube vlogger.


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Gideon was introduced to the Christian life when he was a teenager and music is one of the contributor on how he strengthened his faith. People singing, emotions flowing, lyrics penetrating to the deepest part of his heart, and this made him realize that there is something more about music, especially if it's for God. He joined the worship team and was so glad to be part of something great. It was a fulfillment where he can finally sing his heart out. He challenged myself to start writing songs: songs of encouragement, songs of hope, songs of love, and songs of peace. Acknowledging that he still have a long way to run, he managed to release his first ever original song on every music platforms.


“I'm thankful that there are few people who still listens to my song. I feel so happy when I hear people encouraged and motivated because of my song. And this is the reason why I keep on pushing forward. Someday, I'll be the stars I looked up back when I was a kid, I will bring a new taste in music, and I will keep on glorifying God through this gift He gave me. I am Gideon Biang, a believer and a warrior." - Gideon Biang 


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Fueled with an eccentric vocal timbre, snappy dance moves, a smart androgynous style, and a burning passion to fulfill what she has envisioned, this young musical artist surely has a lot of drive to offer in this intense world of music business… Hailing from the Heart of Bicol, Catherine Bena "Cathy" Tindugan Ollete is a singer, dancer, and songwriter whose capabilities and determination are at the heart of her appeal. Her artistry is basically a fusion of pop, rock, rhythm and blues, soul, funk, hip-hop, and classical.

She began to show her interest in music as a child while jamming to the melodies of Aegis and while singing with her dad on the videoke to the songs of Michael Learns to Rock and Bee Gees. Her parents decided to have her take piano and violin lessons then to help her further discover her musical abilities. Her father also bought a guitar for her from a business trip without her knowing. Surprised by it, she took interest to practice and eventually learned the essentials on her own, paving a way for her to be accepted as a member of an acclaimed rondalla group in her hometown.


At present, Ollete mostly focuses on singing and writing songs. She has been learning to arrange, mix, and master tracks on her own. As a creator, she has helped to write, compose, and arrange songs, including “Kodak Moments” and “Tulong”, both released in 2019, with American songwriter-producer Albert Reed. Usually writing about life, and inner desires and struggles, she has done a number of unfinished songs and unreleased ones for her future solo endeavors.

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"I started music in grade 2 when I learned my first instrument(drums). We were never a musically-inclined family but our eldest brother became a front man for an amateur band in the late '90s and early 2000s, the time when OPM was at its peak with bands like Eraserheads, Parokya ni Edgar, Rivermaya, etc., same with those in the international scene like Nirvana, Oasis, Red Hot Chilli peppers, etc. 


I started learning drums on my own and by observing my brother’s band practice. In high school, I learned how to play acoustic & bass guitar through YouTube (to impress a girl, haha!).  I sucked at vocals during that time.


My voice was very unstable back then (at the verge of puberty) and I was still finding my own style when it comes to singing. In 2009, the death of Michael Jackson lit up the fanboy in me and made me want to enhance my talent in singing (listened to a lot of MJ songs in 2000). Also around that time, I made it in our college chorale as a Tenor 1. From there, I learned different techniques of breathing and singing styles which lead me to discovering my own style of singing. 


After college, I continued to practice music, learning from other bands and listening to other artists. I, then, started to do gigs in a band and as a solo artist. My passion for music grew further and up until now, I'm continuously learning and creating music." - Maxell Barcelon


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Silent Stereo is the brainchild of drummer, guitarist, and songwriter – Peachy Policarpio. Originally started out as a duo and a project band in 2017, the group was able to perform in various gigs and was able to release their first single “Drive” last January 2020.


Peachy is a multi-talented performing artist whom Saranggola Productions consider as the “Ambasadress of Good Vibes”. She is a crusader for wider appreciation of independent music by organizing live and online gigs through Blaster Productions.


Today, Silent Stereo is the alias being carried by Peachy when performing as a solo artist. During her younger years, her first drumsticks was a pair or banana cue sticks and the first drum kit she used was a round foam chair. With no formal lessons, she played by ear while watching her favorite music videos on TV. She joined various bands ever since High School where she was able to grow and mature as a musician. Not being used to the limelight, performing as a solo artist this pandemic was a huge leap for Peachy. Considering herself as an emotional type of songwriter, her songs are inspired by real life experiences. Peachy a.k.a. Silent Stereo is also one of the newest members of Laya Manila, a performing arts collective.

Check her music here:







Indio has been active in underground bands communities since 2016. They have performed on various events and music gatherings. Indio was known in the local music scene as the band with a crazy female frontman, whose songs were executed to convince the audience. Jenny is a theater artist, playwright and music producer. The songs of Indio that she wrote talked mostly about existence, self-evaluation, and hope. Jen Darlene uses her pen name Indio for her music. Indio was a band formed in 2015 and now she is still producing music as Indio as a solo artist. Indio explores punk, gothic, tribal, and alternative rock all mixed with classic Filipino popular music.


"I have never been more free in my entire life than when I was performing on stage. I started composing songs when I was 7. Most songs I did were really focused on questioning the way of my life. Singing was just a hobby back in early 2000's. I was raised in a Christian community. I joined the music ministry, the band, and became a worship leader. Then in 2015, I questioned my calling, left the church and all my commitments to rediscover my self. It was then when I met my band who later on became my lifetime friends. I also met there the love of my life, Alexis, whose name was the title of our first mellow song. Now I write songs that are deeply connected to my faith, existence, and God’s mysterious plan over me when I faced depression. Later on as the members entered adulthood and said goodbye to teenage years, we went on a hiatus, not a band break up... Because we're all still bonding together on all occasions we could think of. I guess this is not just a band, isa 'tong tropahan. But musically, I continued producing music as a solo artist in the name of Indio." – Jen Darlene Torres

Check their music at:







“We came up with the name Truth Serum after we decided to make a side project. Originally we were called The Lady of Lourdes, a house band of Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Manila but due to issues we had to change it after watching the movie “Antman and the Wasp”. At first we wanted the name as a joke during a Lambanog session downtown. A friend of ours said that there was a unique name for a band and also has a connection to a Hospital were working at. So we had an idea to name us “Truth Serum” since we play a positive vibes genre like reggae, alternative fusion band. We wanted a unique name with a homey vibe to it.” – Truth Serum


Truth Serum members are all musicians. They can also play different type of musical instruments while combining their talents and sharing their techniques to one another to make a good music.Wind instruments like horns, bonggos, djembe, cowbells, maracas and shakers will make you want to dance to their song.Truth Serum band members have been playing together since March 2018 originally as home base project band of OLLH. Later on, they added Edgar"s friends from Rizal KD-John-Jon; Jeff as Drums; blowing to add spicy reggae jive. They recorded their first single titled “Liwanag”; released as a digital format in Spotify other digital flatforms. October. 31, 2018 produced by: Bongskie Productions / powered by Distrokid.


Truth Serum’s music is like injecting love in people's life. Sharing, spreading inspirational songs to boost the good mind and heart of the listeners. Fusion beats of their alternative reggae sound make the listeners feel good. When it hits you, you’d just feel living in positive ways.


Check out their profile here:






Rewind - a four piece band originating from different locations, Jampol, Kaka, and Kiks are from Northern Samar and Jojo is from Las Pinas. Originally, Jampol and Kiks were bandmates doing various gigs. Jojo was also in a four piece band doing underground gigs and is involved in Catholic community worship band. Kaka was also in a band in his school. Kiks and Kaka, as brothers, do some acoustic covers which they post online as well as Jojo was also doing some guitar and drum covers. The Band started out with Jojo and Kiks. As former office colleagues, they were catching up and sharing various musical ideas and influences. One day, they had an idea of forming a band, “Tara tol jam tayo”. There Jojo met Kaka, Kiks, his brother, their vocalist.


They did various covers just to feel each other’s groove and tastes for music. Then Kiks introduced Jampol as the bassist. They started out as Cronies Band. Besides getting together and playing, they love to hangout, talk, have a few drinks while jamming, and doing goofy stuff. They started out by jamming to some songs to familiarize their strengths. As time goes by every practice there is improvement, there is bonding, there is brotherhood. Their passion for music grows. Feeling they are comfortable with each other, they started composing a song called “Di Na Aasa”, which was well received by some.


They started out by performing to multiple charity events like Mental Health awareness and raising funds to help abused women and children. From Cronies, they changed their band name to “Rewind”. Rewind, is focused on creating music based on their passion. As an alternative rock band, they are ready to share their music and be heard.

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