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Sep 15, 2020
Get Your Quarantine Groove on with LA Santos’ New Single, Hibang

The fierce, sensual R&B-style vocals and dark, danceable vibe of LA Santos’ new single Hibang will make you want to get on TikTok and dance like you’re in the club.

LA Santos – born LnardAntonio Brioso-Santos – knew from a very young age that he wanted to become an entertainer, and so he set out to reach this goal by learning guitar and piano and completing his degree in Music Production at the De La Salle University-College of St. Benilde. Not long after that, he started a full-fledged music career, becoming known by his fans as the Singing Idol and performing alongside the likes of Imelda Papin and Claire de la Fuente, as well as international superstars Air Supply and Patti Austin – all before he reached the age of 19.

Listing among his influences the likes of Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson, LA adopted not only their singing styles, but also their slick dance moves. It certainly helped that he was a basketball player in high school, as the speed and nimbleness needed to become a good dancer came all too naturally to him.

With his new single Hibang, LA gives us a tour de force of his soul-filled R&B-styled vocals backed by a dark, sensual beat. This appealing package calls to mind the production values of K-Pop acts like BTS, but LA puts an interesting new spin on this formula by mixing it with a more mature, masculine, leather-jacket type of vibe in the vein of 88rising acts like Joji.

LA lists clubbing and “chillin’ with friends” as some of his influences in making Hibang. He says of the song: “it’s like the feeling of dancing in the club and…like you have your own world.”

Brought to us by 7K Sounds, LA Santos’ Hibang is now available for streaming on all major digital platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. The song’s accompanying music video has begun the Hibang Dance Challenge contest, which seems ripe to become a viral hit among TikTok households during the quarantine period.

Led by director Alco Guerrero and experienced musician Romel “Sancho” Sanchez, 7K Records is a new record label that aspires to push the boundaries of OPM with fresh, exciting material. Expect more to come from this promising new label over the next few months.