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Warner Night
3/28/18 1:00 AM - 3/29/18 1:00 AM
SaGuijo, Guijo, San Antonio Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
by Rakista Radio 1 guest 0.0
Host by Rakista Radio

Warner Music Philippines Presents:



To say that Mendoza has led an interesting life would be accurate. In the 90s, the local music scene raved about this skinny handsome kid who played powerful blues harp. Near the end of the decade, he formed and fronted the the Blue Jean Junkies which further reinforced his reputation: as a front man.



Started way back 2010, equipped only with their dreams and love for music, the band put thousands of hours on song writing and mastering their craft, along with several line up changes just to get to where they are now. They can truly say, with their head held high, that they made it!



Hilera is back with a brand new single entitled “Insomnia” which is out now and digitally distributed by Warner Music Philippines. The single is a upbeat yet mellow, OPM rock track that fans and listeners will surely enjoy.  Hilera is formed by Chris Padilla, Bobby Padilla and Buddy Zabala (former Eraserheads and The Dawn bassist).



Among others, they’ve been called ‘geek rock’ or ‘nerd pop’ by both the media and their fans. Formed in 1994, when they were barely into their teens, the band began as a school project. But, having written enough material (much more than was required for class), they started gigging and playing at the legendary rock venues of Manila. They gained a considerable following with their fresh sound: a combination of schoolboy rock, slacker pop, and a dose of punk—all framed by catchy melodies.



“Not Informed” is an all-male, Filipino band consisting of Junno (vocals, rhythm guitars, main composer), James (Lead guitars, 2nd Vocals), Ed (Bass), and K-gie (Drums). The band plays easy listening

and relate-able music which focuses on songs written about the life stories, journeys, and challenges undertaken by the band members and sometimes their close friends. They play a core genre of

pop-punk rock but also journeys into other styles such as acoustic, alternative, mellow, and the classic Pinoy Pop Rock.



Proud to raise the flag for Pinoy indie music, one of the most talented drummers and simultaneous vocalists, take note - and now she is one step closer taking the world of OPM by storm, this time standing on her own two feet. Manila needs more like Ria. Loud, proud and ready for action. 


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