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Bob Marley Day Celebration
2/3/18 2:00 AM - 2/4/18 1:00 AM
B-Side at Collective, Malugay, Manila, NCR, Philippines
by Rakista Radio 1 guest 0.0
Host by Rakista Radio



Pre - Sunplash Manila "Bob Marley Day Celebration"
Live and Direct at B-Side, Malugay St. Makati

Gig Starts at 8pm

Collie Herb
DreadKnot Used Official
Engkanto Reggae
Humble Sauce
Jah Dela Cruz
Jeck Pilpil & Peacepipe 
Lady I
On The Spot
The Chongkeys
The Joyrides

Hosted by: DJ Acey & Isko Cordero 


Ticket price: 200.00php (1 drink consumable)
Irie time promo: 6-8pm, 150.00php (no drink)


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