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How well do you know Slapshock?

September 4, 2013 by
How well do you know Slapshock?
Slapshock is certainly one of the best and most successful metal acts ever to come out of the Philippine scene. PERIOD!
1. What year was Slapshock formed?
2. Who was the band's very first vocalist?
3. Slapshock's debut album, 4th Degree Burn, was released in 1999. Which of the following songs is NOT from that album?
4. Slapshock is signed under what recording label?
5. The band was nominated for Best Artist by MTV Asia in what year?
6. What award did Slapshock win in the 2000 NU 107 Rock Awards?
7. What is Slapshock's first Platinum-awarded album in the Philippines?
8. The band's second compilation album, released in 2007, is entitled
9. Which of these songs did Slapshock, along with 5 other Southeast Asian bands, play during the 2008 MTV Asia Awards in Malaysia?
10. Kinse Kalibre was released on 2011 as the band's 7th studio album. What was the album's lead single?
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