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How well do you know Bob Marley?

July 10, 2013 by
How well do you know Bob Marley?
Any Nesta lovers here are welcome. In all due respect for Bob Marley, the legacy continues. And the legend lives on. Good luck and let Jah live!
1. Name of Bob Marley`s band?
2. Bob Marley`s Religion?
3. Which song bob do a cover of?
4. Robert Nesta Marley baptisted himself to a new name BERHANE SELASSIE what does this name mean
5. What was the middle name of Bob Marley?
6. At what age did Bob Marley did his first album?
7. With which producer did Bob Marley started his career?
8. The Wailers introduce ska to the world but decided to change their music, by replacing it by what kind of music?
9. Where did Bob marley die?
10. Bob Marley`s Death was caused by?
11. What is the maiden name of Rita Marley?
12. What magazine named Bob Marley and The Wailers 'Band of the year' in their February 1976 issue?
13. Who were the two ministers, in 1978, who joined the One Love Peace Concert with the invitation of Bob?
14. Bob Marley visited for the first time three african countries, they are :
15. What was the name of Bob after he was baptized in Miami in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church?
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