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Know your Artists Quiz 1.0.0

June 7, 2013 by
Know your Artists Quiz 1.0.0
let's see if you know your favorite artists well.
1. Gene Simmons real name?
2. Alice Cooper real name?
3. Iggy Pop real name?
4. Billy Idol real name?
5. Axl Rose real name?
6. Sid Vicious real name?
7. Flea real name?
8. Which year did Kurt Cobain die?
9. Which year did Jimi Hendrix Die?
10. Which year did Jim Morrison die?
11. Which year did John Lennon die?
12. Which year did Freddie Mercury die?
13. Which year did Keith Moon die?
14. Which year did Marc Bolan die?
15. Which year did Ian Curtis die?
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