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Green Day Music Quiz

June 5, 2013 by
Green Day Music Quiz
"I know everything about my favorite band. Do you?"
1. Which band member writes most of the songs?
2. Were Billie Joe, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool born in the same year?
3. In what year was the album "Dookie" released?
4. Green Day was originally called Sweet Child.
5. What is Mike Dirnt's real name?
6. Complete the lyric: "Bombs away is your__________".
7. Complete the lyric: "My name is St. Jimmy, I'm a son of a _____"
8. What is Billie Joe Armstrong's most famous guitar called?
9. Complete the song. "Wake Me Up When ______________ Ends".
10. What song is the cover art on the "American Idiot" album inspired by?
11. What album is the song "Only of You" on?
12. Tre Cool was once in a band named what?
13. What album cover featured a woman holding a handgun?
14. In the booklet for "Kerplunk", the band thanked which of these following people?
15. Finish the lyrics: "Please don't think I'm crazy..."
16. Out of Green Day's first eight *studio* albums, how many albums had the band members on the front cover?
17. What's the name of the first drummer in Green Day?
18. What cover song was recorded on the demo of "Dookie"?
19. What is Billie Joe Armstrong's real name?
20. Finish the lyrics: "I must admit that I enjoy myself Eighty ____"
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