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Sacrilegion-Bleeding Asia

Sacrilegion was formed in 1994 with Bong Cariño on guitars/vocals, Ronaldo Gojar on bass, and Mike Malvar on drums. About half a year later, Ronald Enriquez (vocalist from Crematorium and from the half-baked project "Kampo Santo" formed in 1991 with 3 original members of Sacrilegion) rejoined. After a few gigs with Enriquez, Ronaldo Gojar was then replaced by Henry Reyes while a second guitar player named Marlon Malgapo also checked in. This line-up lasted for almost a year until Enriquez, with plans of reforming Crematorium, could barely be seen performing with the band. Malgapo was then replaced by Pods Mallari,(Aztec Rock Guitarist) in the summer of 1995. When members of an associate death metal act from Meycauayan named "Sacrilege" parted ways, their vocalist Banjo Clemente joined to replace Enriquez. After a little while with Banjo on vocals, Reyes had to quit to look after his family and was then replaced by Joseph Parangue on bass. This line-up lasted until 1997 after having recorded at least almost a dozen of their original songs on a demo cassette tape. The band then had its hiatus when apathy revolved around each member upon failure to sign up with a recording company who would allow them to polish, mass produce, copyright, and distribute as an album their recorded originals. Cariño continued writing and reformed the band in 1998 with Edward Santos (Corrupt Insanity/Guardian's Crucifix) on bass, Oliver Roque played briefly on drums until Melvin Reyes replaced him.The line-up hardly lasted a year. From late 1998 to 2001, the band was again on hiatus. During such transition, an associate old school thrash metal band called Guardian's Crucifix covered Sacrilegion songs. In 2003, through the tireless and genius efforts of Guardian's guitarist - Marko Ocampo, Sacrilegion members Parangue (bass) and Carino merged with Guardians' Erwin Guinto (vocals) along with Elmer Glino on drums to form the new SACRILEGION. Parangue left the band in early 2006 then bassists namely Alvin Quinones (Mortal Fear/Sin) and Edward (Corrupt Insanity) would eventually fill in as sessionists. Later in 2006, Whorelocke's Ledda Ocampo became the first and the only female member of the band. She left after a year to take care of her first child (Fairy Potpot inside her womb) and was then replaced by a slinky player, Dante Pilande. In 2013, Dante temporarily left the band to perform familial duties. He was succeeded by a savage and brutal bass guitar player named Sammy Valmonte. The dream lives among us, releasing our first album. Signed or unsigned!