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Early Days:
Roj started as the lead singer and lead guitarist of the band named "FERRUM". Played around Malabon gigs under the organization "Malabon Musicians Alliance" or "MMA" held by the late sir Gary Ignacio (Formerly Alamid).

The band has been known with it's powerful singer who can sing high-pitched songs such as "What's up" by 4 non blondes, "Alone" by hearts, Journey songs and their specialty, Iron Maiden songs. Unfortunately the band has to end their journey due to change of career path and change of interest, but Roj tried to continue the path of being a musician. Te used to be a vocal teacher at Center for Pop Music and became a fond of Rock ballad songs.

Because of interest about making music, Roj joined up with another band namely, Pointbreak who led by Erick dela Cruz, little brother of the late Edward dela Cruz of freshmen. They used to make alternative songs and Roj's guitar skills matched with this kind of music.

He's also a member of a church choir at St. Gabriel Parish Church at Caloocan City. Tenor/ Bass singer an sometimes plays the guitar for the mass. He's been a member of the church minstrels namely "Archangels Journey Choir" for a long time and from that institution, he met Brayan, the choir leader and Billy the percussionist/Bass Singer.

Until such time they planned to create a group along with the guitarist, "Jojo Moscare" an Richard to play the Bass. The band was formed on March 2013. Unfortunately, Richard had to take a long long rest. Mark, also a choir member but from a different group joined up to replace Richard's position.

Roj had wrote different songs that was supposed to be played with Ferrum and they tried to mix their musicality until they began to make songs such as "Mother I'm sorry", "Clairvoyant", "Lilith", "Matilda", "Your song will remain", and "Lost in the Midst of Silence". Right now they're planning to record these songs and share these songs for all of us.

On November 2013, they had recorded their First 3 singles, "Mother Im Sorry", "Clairvoyant", "Lilith" at Solid brown Recording studio at Katipunan Quezon City. Then between 2014-2013, they had recorded another 3 songs, "Oblivion", "Lost in the Midst of Silence" and "These Golden years" And they have 5 other compositions to be recorded and be arranged soon.

They had joined many production events around NCR and on famous underground bar or what Roj call the "Sanctuaries" like Black Kings bar, District 2140( formerly Freedom bar), Tremolo Bar (Autonomy before), 3rd Floor bar, Tey'sDugout, The Spot, Manila Bikers and Choppers, Funky Monkey and Chromebox.

Roj Padida- Vocals

Brayan Resusta- Guitar 1

Jojo Moscare- Guitar

Mark Nerona- Bass

Billy Aumenta- Drums

Power Metal/ Progressive Rock

Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Wolfgang, Razorback, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Queen, Motorhead, Urbandub, ACDC, Steelheart, Guns and Roses, Manowar, Hammerfall, Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica, DragonForce

Lyrical and musical theme:
Project Luminus used to craft songs that focuses on Fantasy, Brotherhood, Faith, Awareness of Different Entities (Dark and Light), History, Folklore, Legends, Horror, Nature, Fiction and Story Telling . In short, the lyric tries to be epic.

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