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  • 17 Apr 2018
    It’s been a month since Wilabaliw released their official music video of their first Tagalog song entitled “Hindi Na Makita”. It is also the first song that was released in Filipino language by Ian Tayao.   Since the song was written in Tagalog, the concept of the music video has elements of Filipino folk monsters. The lyrics were dark and at the same time deep, enough for the listeners to ask more questions about greed, politics, power or basically, about life. The said music video was produced by Wilabaliw and Tower Of Doom’s Carlos Perlas and Eric Perlas. It was also directed by the band’s frontman, Ian Tayao.     Wilabaliw is composed of Ian Tayao on vocals, Louis Isok on guitars, Keith Francisco on Bass and Jesso Montejo on drums.   Here is the official music video of “Hindi Na Makita” by Wilabaliw  
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  • 13 Apr 2018
          Alternative pop band, Madeline just released their new music video entitled "Wala Na" under Yellow Room Music Philippines.       Their new music video, “Wala Na" is about a finished relationship trying not to go back on the same way a couple did on their failed love story.  A quiet mixed feeling of sadness and willingness to be strong for a change that everyone who experienced the same scenario can relate to it. Listeners will definitely feel the “bittersweet change” of the song.       Their songs were more about love and life. Madeline's music is edgy yet versatile enough to shift from one genre to another. Sounds like Michelle Branch and Plumb but did not forget to incorporate their own style into their songs.       Madeline is a four pieced band, composed of Madeline Regalado on vocals, RB Bandiola on guitars, Sam Clavecilla on bass and the Mayonnaise drummer, Shan Regalado, also play drums for the band.       The band is still in a process of arranging and recording songs with the help of Yellow Room Music Philippines.       Here is the link of Madeline's new music video, "Wala Na"      
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  • 16 Apr 2018
    Pop punk rock band, Snakefight releases their official music video of "We Are The Broken" last March.     The concept of the said music video is more on the band members playing in an old garage with their upbeat pop-punk music and awesome guitar riffs. The Music Video shot by Snakefight & Luminous Films while the song was recorded at Campsite Recordings.     The band is composed of Christian Tomacruz on vocals, Ron Dela Cruz on guitars and vocals, Luigi Tuazon on guitars, Dowell Delos Reyes on bass and Miko Amago on drums. They are no longer rookies in the local rock scene since the band members come from different local bands such as Jejaview, Faintlight, and Diachroma. Even if they are all came from different bands they have established their own music in Snakefight's name and it also helps them to stand out among other pop-punk rock local artists in the local scene nowadays.     Below is the official music video of their song "We Are The Broken"        
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  • 19 Apr 2018
    It’s been a year since the band, December Avenue released their official music video of “Sa Ngalan Ng Pag-ibig”, and about 6 months since the released of their lyric video of “Kahit Di Mo Alam”. Yesterday, their new single entitled “Bulong” was premiered at MYX Philippines.   A lot of fans are waiting for the said music video not only because of the lyrics but the content of the song. It is a story of unconditional love for a partner and the willingness to accept his/her partner no matter what, that every listener will feel the message of the song and makes them love the band and their songs even more. Their songs have what they so-called the “Hugot” or “tagos sa puso” factor that usually makes the fans feel both the sorrow and happiness of what love and life can give.   December Avenue is composed of Zel Bautista on guitars and vocals, Jem Manuel on guitars, Don Gregorio on bass, Jet Danao on drums and Gelo Cruz on keyboards.   Since the official music video was not yet uploaded on YouTube, here is the lyric video of their latest single “Bulong”.  
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172 views Apr 16, 2018
Summer Song by Gracenote x December Avenue x Autotelic


As summer goes by, these bands (Gracenote, December Avenue, and Autotelic) just released their collaboration single “Summer Song” that will surely beat the heat out of you.


The song is all about a summer feeling/summer vibe coming on its way and getting ready for it. It’s basically all about having fun in a summer season and making the most out of it.


The fusion of their different musical elements and different genres makes the song very catchy and upbeat that will make sure the listeners will enjoy listening to it while they are traveling for a summer vacation or even the staycation ones.


They will be also having their FREE show this coming April 27, 2018, Friday at Centris walk, Open Grounds for a long set of fun musical summer together.


Below is the lyric video of Summer Song by Gracenote x December Avenue x Autotelic