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  • 16 Mar 2018
        The Chongkeys Signs Under Warner Music Philippines   The Chongkeys is now up for a new game. Yesterday, March 15, 2018, the band officially became a part of Warner Music Philippines’ growing family. Ian Monsod and Joey Valverde, the people behind Warner Music Philippines, officially welcomes Johan Lugtu and Benjie Estanislao as they formally signed their contract. The Chongkeys is composed of Benjie Estanislao, Johan Lugtu, Dennis Baylon, Mark Marquez, along with their percussionists Emil, Andrei, and JR. They are known for their hits like Gabi ng Lagim, Diksyonaryo, and Tignan Mo. Don’t forget to stream their music via Spotify.            By Iel Dazo  
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  • 19 Apr 2018
    EARTH DAY JAM 2018 Interactive Earth Day Jam 2018 returns to Quezon City Memorial Circle Venue The longest running music event for the environment Earth Day Jam 2018 returns to one of its original concert venues; the Quezon City Memorial Circle on April 28, 2018 starting at 5pm. It is a milestone for this annual live music event which continues to influence Filipinos through music and education to be responsible in caring more for planet Earth’s well-being.   “It is a historic period for Earth Day Jam fans who have followed this annual music event over many summer years for Mother Earth. Quezon Memorial Circle brings back insightful memories about the festival’s roots and itss expanding environmental advocacies,” recalls Earth Day Jam founder singer Lou Bonnevie.   This years adapted theme for Earth Day Jam emphasizes on key elements Water, Air and Trash (WAT). It is a running advocacy that has kept Earth Day Jam grounded with the youth, development organizations and government institutions working on environment welfare and protection.   “Everybody has a key role when it comes to conserving the environment. We can protect Mother Earth through simple things like conserving water, keeping the air we breathe clean and managing an almost zero trash environment,” said Bonnevie.   True to the festival’s defining environmental global theme, Earth Day Jam 2018 seeks to attract even more Filipinos this year, particularly the younger generation, to become sensibly pro-active on its overall campaign to save planet Earth. “It is not enough being able to simply like or post all your support for the Earth on-line. It does not work that way! We want everybody to really start participating, do their personal share through simple things like planting trees and reducing their personal carbon footprints.”   More Jam Sessions: Known for its epic live pop music (open air) stagings, Earth Day Jam 2018 is set to feature over 100 musicians. “It is a grand combination between new and senior musicians in a single night of great music. It is something you look forward to in every Earth Day Jam event. Moreover, this event remains is open and free to the public,” says Bonnevie.   Featured artists for Earth Day Jam 2018 include Abra, Barbie Almalbis, Chicosi, Grace Note, Joey Ayala, Lou Bonnevie, Mayonnaise, Philia, Rouge, Sandwich, Sud, Tanya Markova, the Chongkeys and Wally Gonzalez joined by Wolfgang guitarist Manuel Legarda and introducing ace guitar protégé Gabriel Lazaro. Special guest artists shall include LA “grassroot” rapper Aw Day P. “He (AW Day P) will be specially flying in from LA for Earth Day Jam 2018. He is a very talented musician who agreed to jam with us for this Mother Earth celebration,” said Bonnevie. The Jam will be hosted by award winning actor Alvin Anson, award winning indie film actress Phoebe Walker, TV personality Pam Nieva and the Earthday Jam Foundation’s Corporate Secretary and youth spokesperson Midi Gentica.    Recognizing contributions to various environmental campaigns and artist’s musical legacy, Earth Day Jam 2018 will extend a special citation to Filipino singer and known environmentalist Joey Ayala, who does a rare Earth Day Jam stint with junior musicians.   Special guest resource speakers include experts and official from DENR, Earthday Jam Foundations’ partner in this endeavor with environmental luminaries supporting the event by short discussions on the most critical environmental issues.   More Interactive campaign: With support from the Local Government of QC, this year’s Earth Day Jam will have a more interactive campaign. Early participants can avail of Earth Day Jam 2018’s interactive booths showcasing art and drum sessions, an environmental puppet show, electric vehicle display, biking demo, organic stalls and other interesting exhibitions. “These exhibiting booths engage people to learn about Mother Earth through actual social participation with other guests.” There will also be a film showing featuring environmental documentaries before the concert.   The Earthday Jam Recyclable Trading will take place starting at 3 pm with the Quezon City Government spearheading the campaign on recycling with participants who will be bringing in paper, pet bottles and aluminum cans receiving concert VIP pass and freebies. Anti-trash Experiment: A special waste garbage collection activity will be implemented throughout the concert. “It is an experimental activity wherein concert goers are encouraged to collect accumulated garbage during event and weigh them after so that they can see how much trash can be accumulated from throwing garbage,” said Bonnevie. Earth Day Jam regularly uses this anti-garbage exercise for actual public awareness.   GAIA Awards: The Foundation’s own “GAIA Awards” will be bestowing individuals and organizations who have successfully contributed to the welfare of the overall environmental campaign and advocacy efforts in the Philippines. This year’s awardees include green advocates Gina Lopez, Ipat Luna and the Environmental Science Institute of Miriam College along with Earthday Jam supporters Abra and Brownman Revival in the category of Earth friendly music artists. Special Citations will be given to the Peace and Equity Foundation and Lifebank Foundation. Pre-Concert Contest: Raising awareness before actual concert, Earth Day Jam 2018 shall also launch “Future Green”. This special on-line initiative engages Filipinos to submit their best ideas concerning renewable energy on Earth Day Jam’s official social media page. The top ten ingenuities will be announced during the event.   Earthday Jam 2018 is presented by the Earthday Jam Foundation in cooperation with the DENR and the Quezon City Government. Supporters include First Gen Corporation, Maynilad, PRRC, Tagbalay Foundation, peace and Equity Foundation, Lifebank Foundation. Also supporting are Ministop, Dickies, 888 Electric Vehicles, Cravings, Philippine Star, Business Mirror, Philippine Concerts, Manila Concert Scene, Rakista Radio and ABS CBN as our official network.   For more info,log on to www.earthdayjamfoundation.com and like the earthday jam foundation page.    
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  • 13 Mar 2018
      Rising OPM band Better Days, composed of Daniel Paringit (Vocalist and Lead Guitar), Rosner Mabuti (Pianist), and Gelo Cabigon (Bassist), launched their music video for their hit debut single ‘Sige Lang’ on March 7, 2018 (Wednesday). The single was recently featured as Barangay LS FM 97.1 ’s most wanted song of the week. This, together with their other single ‘Nararamdaman’ are already highlighted on multiple Spotify Playlists, including ‘I Love You Sabado,’ ‘Pinoy Love Ballads,’ ‘New Music Friday Philippines,’ ‘Relax Tayo,’ and ‘Philippines Viral 50’ with both songs having over 200,000 plays in only a month. Among their growing number of gigs, they have already been included in various major events such as Rakrakan Festival 2018: Pinoy Muna! and UP Fair 2018: Elements. The premiere of Better Days’ ‘Sige Lang’ Music Video happened on March 7, 2018 (Wednesday) at 70s Bistro, Anonas, Quezon City, which also showcased live performances from Better Days, Hilera, Banda ni Kleggy, Where’s Ramona, and Stellar. The video was likewise launched on the Number 1 Music Channel MYX last weekend and is currently drawing raves. Better Days’ two singles, ‘Sige Lang’ and ‘Nararamdaman’ are now available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Spinner, and Amazon. Follow them on Instagram and Twitter @betterdaystour and on Facebook at facebook.com/betterdaystour
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  • 05 Apr 2018
    On this day in 1994, rock icon Kurt Cobain committed suicide inside his home in Seattle, Washington in 1994. On March 4 of that year, Cobain was taken to hospital in a coma. It was officially stated as an accident but many believe it to have been an unsuccessful suicide attempt or heroin overdose. He reluctantly checked into a rehabilitation clinic in Los Angeles at the end of March, but was said to have fled after only a few days.On April 8, Cobain's body was found in his home. In his arms was a shotgun, which had been fired into his head. Near him laid a suicide note written in red ink. It was addressed to his wife Courtney Love and his daughter Frances Bean Cobain. On his suicide note, he quoted Neil Young’s lyric that it was “better to burn out than to fade away.”
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417 views Jan 05, 2018
Parokya Ni Edgar Pogi Years Old

Parokya ni Edgar, one of the country’s longest-standing outfits from the ‘90s band explosion, is back in the music scene this month with their latest single offering "Wala Lang Yun, penned by Chito Miranda himself.  "Wala Lang Yun" is lifted from their very successful album Pogi Years Old.


 The record is a mixture of comic relief, serious outtakes, and love bites, all with a dash of kapilyuhan, something that the band has always been known for in their career that has spanned 2 decades.