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Ideal Age

Anong age mo balak o gusto makasal?

around 28 to 30 years old
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28 to 30 din icon_smile dpende kung may ipon na para maayos ang kasal at may sariling bahay na rin para perfect ang kasal ^_^
-live love burn and die- =lipglossandblack=
27- 28 - 30.. ayan lang.. basta pagnakatapos na at ahon na.. pag naka ipon na para nakapaghanda na sa pagbuo ng masayang pamilya..
I will give everything to you.
We will be together forever and never be apart,
because I Love You and Only You :*

-=papa jeff=-
female siguro 25 and up
male 30 and up???

ako?? i dont have plans yet regarding that matter

hopefully turning 30 and he's 25 bwahahaha! icon_evil icon_rofl
27 and up..
What is the secret of success?
Sincerity ... once you can fake it you can make it!
28 -30 icon_smile
hehe mga 60icon_smileicon_smileicon_smile
ang tao ay magkakaiba walang dapat mang husga basta alammo sasarili mo kung sinoka dimo kailangan mag bago para sa kanila
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