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What pedal that you Used & Setup?

post your gear here.... and suggestions
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ako simple lang... Morley Power Volume Wah, MT2 mod, Shreadhead, at G2.1u...
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@GNOB29 similar setup natin..
Shredhead >> MT2 (For future Bogner Mod) >> Zoom G2.1u..
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Sakin very simple lang po mga sir, preference ko lang kasi talaga is yung boost..

Ibanez WD07 / Behringer DC09 / Ibanez TS09 / Mod. Boston HM100 - Boss MT2 - Digitech Death Metal / Boss EQ

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sa ngayon Korg AX1500G
pero bumubuo na ako ng stomps set ko
I was planning on building a pedalboard using the following gadgets

1. Digitech RP100A for pre-amp
2. EHX Metal Muff w/ Top Boost
3. Digitech Death Metal o yung Hardwire (Optional)
4. Generic Volume Pedal
5. at least 1000mA power supply.
6. Mahal pedaltrain kaya magcustomize na ang ako
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i dont own any. walang pambili hehe
but i have few stomp boxes na gusto ko magkaroon
mxr fulbore
dunlop crybaby wah
bose ce2 chorus
paul gilbert flanger
and a compressor

-- sorry for the off topic answer --
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The messy setup

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ayun metal muff nalang pinili ko instead sa digitech hardwire. yung rp100a ko pang-pre-amp na lang
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Here's my humble pedals ^_^


Korg Pitchblack Tuner -> Ibanez WAH10 -> Boss DS-2 -> Boss TR2 -> Boss PH-3 -> Boss-DD7

But I still got this plan f having Noise Suppressor, and probably a GE-7 and wireless system ^_^
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yeah.. ganda ng mga setup nyo mga boss.. ^^
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