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In general, carnivores do not chew much; mostly, they just cut the tear off and swallow it whole. All in all, nothing like human teeth. Acid claim in medical texts that we are omnivores, not carnivores. How can we claim to stand? Well, first and foremost, no animal really adapts to eat everything, but if NuCulture any animal is approaching, it would be the bear. Traditional foods consumed by bears include ants, bees, seeds, roots, nuts, berries, and insect larvae such as larvae, and even flowers. Some meat, of course, eaten by bears, including rodents, fish, deer, pigs, and lambs. Memphis and brown bears in Alaska is known salmon eaters. Polar bears feed almost exclusively on seals, but then, what plants are available for them to eat in the frigid areas in the Arctic? Of course, anyone who has read Winnie the Pooh knows that many of the bears love honey. So, other ants, larvae, and rodents, and follow the bear diet seems a lot like the traditional Western diet. So let's take a look at the bear's teeth.

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