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Let us talk bout music genre.

Paano ba malalaman na ang isang kanta o banda ay nabibilang sa Electronica and Dance genre.
Is it in the lyrics? riffs? Beat? lifestyle? etc...

Ano ang mga subgenre ng Electronica and Dance. Paano sila nagkakaiba sa isa't isa?
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It is most known as Electronic Music

Electronica, Techno, Ambient, Disco, Industrial, House, Trance, Fusion, etc.

Styles / Sub-genres:
* Ambient
* Breakbeat/Breaks
* Chiptune
* Disco
* Downtempo
* Electronic Music
* Electro
* Electronica
* UK garage (UKG)
* Hardcore/Hard dance
* House
* Industrial
* Electronic body music
* Jungle music/Drum and Bass
* Techno
* Trance
* Psychedelic/Goa trance
* Related fusion genres
* Trip-hop

too much long to elaborate when no one seems to listen. anyway DNB/Dubstep and triphop fan here. There is one i posted already.

Nung 90's era rin ng electronic music.. sa kinalakihang Prodigy up to Chemical Brothers and then so on and so on. Fat Boy Slim also is the most known. Tinatamad ako mag post.. Tanong ka nalang ng hindi katulad ng tanong mo sa ibang thread.
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So where is the discussion?
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Dubstep I also consider them in DnB(Drum and Bass) sub genre.

lots and lots of locals around here especially in Manila.
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ahhhh ganun pala yun,
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